Month: November 2021

Belhaven University 2022 Piano, Digital Piano and Violin Sale

The School of the Arts at Belhaven University has partnered with the Rockley Family Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to support music education. Musical instruments provided to the Music Department or otherwise made available, will be sold at a significant discount from manufacturer retail pricing to initiate this valuable program,

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Southwestern University 2022 Pianos, Digital Pianos and Violins Sale

Southwestern University has received the use of new first-class pianos for the 2020-2021 academic year and resources for the Music Department through a generous gift from the Rockley Family Foundation! We are thrilled to continue to make these new instruments available to our students. As part of this partnership, pianos,

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How to Read Piano Sheet Music

When you first begin to learn the piano, you probably will not need to read notes and play at the same time. Starting with scales and simple songs allows a new player to learn their way around the piano and the keys. However, as your experience grows and longer songs

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Which string instrument should I learn?

If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to play a string instrument, you’ve probably wondered which one is the right fit for you. There’s the entire selection of orchestra strings, including violin, cello, and bass; but there’s also other string instruments that are popular with students like ukuleles, guitars,

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