Our Work

Our work centers around supporting music education through a variety of programs.

We donate the use of musical instruments, musical instruments, and money for scholarships to dozens of institutions across the country. We encourage music students of all ages to foster their musical talents and explore music as a career. 

Our work also includes donating musical instruments to people who would otherwise not have access to them.

Music Scholarships

Instead, of providing scholarships to the general public, we provide resources to our institutional partners. After that, our partners select and award music scholarships at their discretion. As a result, students at our partner universities are given the opportunity to continue their musical education.

Read more about our partners and our impact on the communities we serve.

Individual Musical Instrument Donations

We often receive donations of musical instruments by generous individuals who are no longer using them. In turn, we refurbish them and later offer them to individuals who would not otherwise have the resources to purchase. Are you interested in donating a used instrument? Contact us for more information.

Educational Musical Instrument Donations

The Rockley Family Foundation provides both the use or outright donation of musical instruments to dozens of partners. Each collaboration is unique and our support is individually tailored to maximize our impact.

Our donated instruments are used by faculty and students for performance, practice, methods or to support outreach into the community.