General FAQs

The Foundation became a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in 2007.

The Foundation has donated over $40,000,000.00 in cash and in-kind donations to music education so far!

No.  We respect the work that is done with those entities, but being a non-profit organization in good standing is a criteria for our institutional support.

The Rockley Family Foundation is a separate entity.  The music store was established by the same Rockley family (Grandparents) in 1946 and is still serving the western Denver musical community today.  The Foundation partners with many amazing local service centers nationally.  Rockley Music is part of that group.

That web address was captured by Glenn Treibitz with Hollywood Piano in California.  (Please notice the complete lack of contact information.)  The IRS regulations seem to be accurate (which we do follow), the rest of the content is either misleading, out of context or outright fabricated.  There is no “investigation”, never was.  Unfortunately, the internet is not regulated for truth or accuracy and the close proximity to our web address will always come up in searches for our organization.  It is the consumer’s responsibility to sort it out.  We believe that they have an alternate agenda without concern for the greater good of music education.    

This is a part of our program that we are excited to be developing!  The simple answer is yes, but it is need based and still somewhat limited.  We have donated instruments, repair assistance and cash for specific purposes and look forward to doing more.  If you are interested, please email our director and we can ascertain what is possible.  

We accept both gratefully.  Cash donations are used to fund individual grants to underprivileged musicians.  Donated musical instruments can find their next musician in a variety of ways.  Note;  We cannot accept instruments that are not repairable or are past their life cycle to service.  (Antique uprights, spinet pianos, etc.).

Fundraising Events FAQs

We would like to think everyone!  The institutions that we are fundraising for certainly has direct benefit.  The attendees usually find something amazing and the exposure for music education that the event publicity brings directly helps the local music community as a whole.

There are usually grand pianos, baby grand pianos, player (technology) pianos, vertical (upright) pianos, hybrid and digital pianos.  Most of the instruments are less than a year old…so very lightly used.  There are also often a few trade in and/or donated pianos (as long as they meet our very high technical expectation).  The range is from a really good safe starter piano up to the most famous of the hand made instruments.  Everything will have a warranty.  These are not beat liquidated school (State property) pianos.  

We believe in order to learn to play piano there are a few baseline properties that digital instruments need to have.  88-keys, 3 pedals, piano height, weighted hammer action, full dynamic range to name a few.  Keyboards and most digital pianos fall short of these qualities and make it very difficult to want to spend the time with the instrument required to learn the skill.  Our core mission is to create and foster musicians.  We do take a hard line on selling sub quality digital or used acoustic pianos.  

There are violins, violas and cellos.  They are in the better than rental to the first of the symphony level instrument range.  Everything will have a warranty.

Yes, violins down to 1/8 size, violas down to 12”.  Cellos we do full size only.  There is a trade up program for sizing up.

We provide a letter of charitable contribution at the event stating how much of the purchase is potentially tax deductible.  This is a standard non-profit document where something of value is received.  (Like a charity dinner.)  The document includes everything a tax preparer needs to book the donation.  You should always consult with your tax adviser to the personal deductibility of any donation.

The Foundation always partners with a service center to provide the best possible technical support for both our institutional partners and donors who purchase at the events.  EVERYTHING that we have at the events is warranted and we believe is (in the case of the acoustical instruments) a generational acquisition.  Most of the manufactures do generously honor non prorated factory warranties.  Everything else will still have a service center warranty.  Most are 5-10 years on the pianos and limited lifetime on the orchestral strings.