December 7, 2017


pianomusicTobin Rockley and the Rockley Music Center founded the Rockley Family Foundation, a non-profit organization, to bring music education to schools and students in need. This is accomplished by raising money for music scholarships, donation of musical instruments to under privileged individuals and the donation of the use of musical instruments to the music educational community.

The Rockley Family Foundation is proud to have had a significant impact on music education: since 2009, more than $22 million worth of donations in instrument loans, instrumental donations and cash/scholarships have gone to deserving nonprofit organizations and educational institutional partners throughout the United States.

We are extremely proud of our commitment to music education and are grateful to be able to further that mission through our work.  Our impact has been felt across the country and beyond.

We always need and welcome charitable contributions, and there are several ways you can donate to the Rockley Family Foundation:

Monetary Donations

Instrument Donations

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