Dear Donor,

Thank you for awarding me the Rockley Family Scholarship. I am honored to be chosen to receive this award. It is greatly appreciated and will make a difference in my ability to pay for my degree without financially burdening my family. I am currently working towards an Associate of Applied Science in Music Audio Technology. My plan is to graduate with this degree by the Spring of 2023. I chose to pursue this degree as a way to use my musical training after the effects of Long Haul Covid made the physical demands of being a professional musician unsustainable. Your generosity will relieve some of the financial burden from investing in a sudden career change and help me to focus on better completing the degree and maintaining a high standard of course work. I, and my family, are deeply grateful for your contribution towards my future. Thank you for your generosity in establishing this scholarship as well as for choosing to award it to me.

GPA 4.0
Major Music Audio Technology
Graduation Date Spring 2023

Scholar Bio
I am a 4th generation native to Colorado and have lived in the Denver area for the last 15 years where I have performed professional as a musician. When my oldest child was born we decided that I would cut back on my performing until all of our children were in school, the fall of 2020. Unfortunately in March of 2020 I caught COVID-19 and have since been struggling with long COVID. As a result I am unable to return to a career in music performance. I decided to enroll at ACC for an AAS in Music Audio Technology so that I can continue to use my musical skills and knowledge, just in a different part of the music industry. I am hoping to work doing sound design and editing as well as composition after graduation this Spring.

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