Mr. Tobin Rockley
Rockley Family Foundation
PO Box 17930
Golden, CO 80402-6032

January 17, 2023

”Thank you so much for your help and awarding me this scholarship! I am truly grateful. I am a first grad student of my family and never win anything and this truly boosts my confidence and inspiration to continuing achieving my goals. I truly appreciate everything! Thank you so much!!” — ACC Scholar Fall 2022

Dear Mr. Rockley and Friends at the Rockley Family Foundation,

Last year, your contributions listed below enabled the ACC Foundation to award over a million dollars in scholarships to 62 l ACC students. OVER HALF of those students were the first of their families to attend college! Additionally, compared to the general ACC student population, ACC scholars tend to have a l0% higher percentage of: non-traditional students, first generation students, and students that return semester to semester.

10/18/2022$1000.00$0.00400-SCHOLARSHIP; 460-ROCKLEY FAMILY FDNCHECK

As a fellow philanthropist and true believer of the transformative power of education, I THANK YOU for entrusting the ACC Foundation with your donation so that we can continue this important work.

Wishing you a happy new year,
Courtney Loehfelm
Executive Director
ACC Foundation
Tax ID: 23-7093127

*Tax deductible total is sum of Gift Amount minus FMV (Fair Market Value)

Arapahoe Community College Foundation is a 50 l (c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization that raises and manages private funds for the benefit of Arapahoe Community College. Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, you may be entitled to deduct the full value of your gift(s) if ACC has not provided goods or services in return for your donation.

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