As we have discussed before, learning to play the piano has a large number of cognitive and creative benefits. There are a number of online resources you can load right onto your smartphone or touch screen device to help you learn to play the piano. 

When you search for “piano” on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, you will notice that there are a huge number of app options available. So many, in fact, that it can become a little overwhelming to make a choice:

Perfect Piano

The highest-rated piano simulator app out there, Perfect Piano is a teaching tool that guides you through sheet music. Weekly challenges help you keep your skills sharp and compete with other users; but you can also connect with your friends and share original compositions with them.

Best Piano Lessons

This app is an Android platform exclusive that allows you to play, record and take piano lessons right on the screen. You can set the amount of visible keys from 10 to 24 to help you move between octaves.


This app lets you select your knowledge level to beginner, intermediate and advanced. Flowkey also allows you to check your learning progress with an easy to understand learning indicator when you complete each level or course.


Available on both iOS and Android, Yousician goes beyond piano and also lets you practice guitar, bass or ukulele in the same way a live teacher would. You will play your actual instrument and follow along the provided lessons. After each session, you will receive feedback on how you’re doing. There are weekly challenges, music theory training and other features meant to keep you entertained and interested in learning. 

World of Notes

Meant for younger learners and available for Apple and Android devices, World of Notes helps children learn note names, as well as key signatures. It’s fun and easy-to-navigate and offers lots of colorful characters, achievements and leaderboards that change as you practice playing notes.