The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) alumni magazine, Perspectives, fall 2016 issue featured Rockley Music Center and Rockley Family Foundation Vice President, and 1994 UMKC alum, Liane Rockley.

The article, Musician believes every child deserves music education, shares the evolution of the musical instrument donation program at the Rockley Family Foundation, which originated in Colorado, but through word of mouth and due to widespread need it has expanded to a nation-wide program.

Over time, the Rockley Family Foundation has donated nearly $17 million to support music education across the country, in addition to donating musical instruments and funding music scholarships for students in need.

Having studied flute performance at UMKC, Liane understands the value of music education – and music in general – and works hard to ensure that all schools are able to provide music programs, and all students are able to experience music and the arts.