Rockley Family Foundation | Tobin & Liane Rockley at NAMM Show Day of Service Event For Music Education
Tobin and Liane Rockley with Joe Lamond, President of NAMM, and several members of the Executive Committee for NAMM at the Day of Service event

Last week, Tobin Rockley, Rockley Family Foundation President, and his wife Liane Rockley, Rockley Family Foundation Vice President, volunteered their time and talents at The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show Day of Service to share music with the students of Patrick Henry School.

The NAMM community is comprised of passionate individuals, many who came together in Anaheim, California last week for this event in support of music education. Along with other NAMM members, Tobin and Liane led groups of kids in a variety of musical activities, including making music with drums, ukuleles, guitars, and choral movement.

As a flute performance graduate of UMKC, Liane knows the value of music, specifically with children, and was proud to participate in this event. She noted that “it was so inspiring to see these kids light up as they explored the musical instruments and began to make music.”

Tobin’s passion is also evident in his countless efforts to ensure that schools are able to provide art and music education for all students. “We know that music has a positive impact on student performance, retention and graduation rates, and the Rockley Family Foundation and I will continue to work toward making it part of every child’s well-rounded education,” he said.

As part of this Day of Service, The NAMM Foundation also presented the Anaheim City School District with a $10,000 gift to continue providing students with music education.

To view photos of the 2017 #NAMMShow Day of Service, visit the NAMM Facebook page.